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Centre for Economic Leadership and Development Commences in Paris, France. Participants include: Ivy K Pendleton, Almas Jiwani, Marcia Dyson, UN Delegates and Global Heads of State
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WASHINGTON, DC – March 20, 2013 - - Washington based Global Communications expert Ivy K Pendleton will discuss “Taking Commercial Advantage of Global Operational Differences, Similarities and Opportunities in order to meet Global Objectives” and “Communicating Globally in the International Marketplace”  and keynote a panel discussion during The Centre for Economic Leadership and Development (CELD) hosts its 2nd International Conference on African Women Development 2013 in Paris, France to international delegates from around the globe.  International political strategies and business development consultant Marcia L. Dyson, President and CEO of M and M Dyson, LLC  will serve as a panel moderators for Economic Empowerment, as a Tool for Better HealthCare Delivery to Africa's Women.   Almas Jiwani, President and CEO of United Nations Women Canada National Committee and Frontier Canada Inc. will serve as a keynote speaker during the open session.

Delegates from the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, France, South Africa and many others will converge to:


Analyze and improve the role of SMEs across African economies as well as the role of women in developing this sector.

Demonstrate that supporting women entrepreneurs can be a win-win proposition for financial institutions, for the women themselves, and for society as a whole.

Accelerate the economic empowerment of African women.

Thoroughly addressing the needs of the missing gap; enhancing women’s access to finance, business support services, and managerial skills, as well as documenting and disseminating successful innovative approaches, sustainable models in building a stronger and more dynamic business sector in Africa.

To celebrate and honor the Top 20 Champions of African Women development 2013


About the CELD


Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD) is a non-governmental organization committed to addressing the challenges faced by vulnerable women and children in today’s world. Our passion is geared towards alleviating extreme poverty among the less privileged via a wide range of efforts aimed at building better futures for the vulnerable child and women.


Ivy is the author of a  “Good Girl’s Guide to Public Relations, Publicity and Marketing: A HOW-TO Survival Guide for the Novice” published by TCA Books, a division of The Communications Agency, and is available in Paperback on Amazon and many business e-commerce web sites. This book teaches Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs), nonprofit organizations, celebrities and individuals on how profits soar when a successful brand identity is developed. 

Book: ISBN: 978-0-9860167-0-7
LCCN:  2012941118





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