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Aug 19, 2015
Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Welcomes Largest Diversity Career Expo to Orlando for On-site Jobs, Recruitment, Small Business Innovation and Career Development
Jul 07, 2015
NBMBAA LOT Business Case Competition Winners
Apr 27, 2015
Chicago, better known as The Windy City, welcomes college football top prospects for the 2015 NFL
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Publicity Magazine Media Kit 2015


WASHINGTON - - OCTOBER 14, 2014 - "Discerning. Telling Stories The Way No One Else Will," is the preamble to Washington DC's most anticipated new globally centric Publicity Magazine published by The Communications Agency Public Relations subsidiary, TCAPR.

Publicity Magazine offers an authoritative and discerning perspective to matters in the public interest, private sector, philanthropy and business. Publicity Magazine provides top advertisers with the opportunity to capture the attention of readers online and in print. The editorial concept captures the lifestyle and culture of: Influencers, Advocates, Affluents, Philanthropists, Trendsetters, Progressives, and Consumers with a Niche Marketing Advantage™ inclusion of African American Affluents between the ages of 34 and 60. The magazine includes: Features, Entertainment, Public Interest, Philanthropy, Luxury Lifestyle, Travel Destinations, Special Promotions and Consumer Products.
"Publicity Magazine is a straightforward, in your face, niche marketing concept where we deliver a diverse range of content and special policy focused issues. There are millions of dollars at stake when delivering the right message to consumers and we want to offer a platform to talk directly to the niche target audience. Advertisers’ spending with media focused on Black audiences is just 3% of $75 billion spent in 2012 on television, magazines, internet, and radio advertisements and Blacks spend $1.3 Trillion annually. We aim to close this spending gap by aligning products, services and advocacy with the TCA Niche Marketing Advantage™ Concept ,"
says Ivy K. Pendleton, TCA Publisher.
Publicity Magazine is accepting submissions for content from advertising agencies, public relations practitioners, publicists, journalists, photographers, nonprofit organizations, political campaign managers and corporations. Editorial DEADLINE is November 5, 2014 and the advertiser Deadline is November 21, 2014.

Distribution Platforms:
  • Publicity (Blog)zine ( Published daily in reaction to real time content, popular culture, current events  Includes features on and on-air interviews on Publicity TV
  • Publicity Digital - Digital version of the printed magazine optimized for smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. Special Interest editions published for Philanthropy, Politics and 
  • Publicity Magazine - The print version available to 35,000-55,000 targeted readers in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area

Publicity Magazine is written from consumer feedback, and from the countless surveys and polls TCA PR has conducted from customers, leaders in news industries, philanthropy, non governmental organizations, and international development . Innovation information relay is both groundbreaking and wave-making and streamlining communication efforts is any company's #1 priority.

For Advertisers
Publicity Magazine considers the voice of the users of products and services with a focus on customer and constituent satisfaction.  Sections include: Luxury Lifestyle with a focus on restaurants, travel, hotels and hot spots, and spirits; Beauty and cosmetics reviews and recommendations; Destination Travel; Entertainment music, television, theater, festivals and the arts; Philanthropy and Corporate Responsibility where advocacy and sustainability are the highlight; Events and Society with a focus on Galas, Fundraisers and giving campaigns; Feature Articles. Click here for the 2015 Media Kit

About Publicity Magazine
Publicity Magazine is a lifestyle magazine which offers an authoritative and discerning perspective to globally diverse matters in the public interest, private sector, philanthropy and business. Publicity Magazine  has an initial focus on Washington DC, an emerging marketplace for  Ultra Affluents, African Americans Affluents and women. An international epicenter for diverse content, Metropolitan Washington, DC (Consisting of Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland) is home to two of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States; home to Diplomats, politicians, trendsetters, celebrities and some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world.The magazine editorial concept includes: Features, Entertainment, Public Interest, Philanthropy, Luxury Lifestyle, Travel Destinations, Special Promotions and Consumer Products.

About TCA
The Communications Agency (TCA) is an award winning global strategic communications, crisis management, marketing strategy and public affairs / public relations provider for nongovernmental agencies, nonprofits, governments, corporations, and philanthropy.

Follow us on Twitter at @publicitymag and @tcapr and let us know how we're doing.

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